Anyone who's been in a bridal party can attest to how quickly those bills rack up.

There's the hen's night and other events to organise, gifts to purchase, and decorations to fund – and that's before you've even considered the cost of the bridesmaid dress.

It's commonly accepted that members of a bridal party fund their own dresses and suits for the big day – but how much is too much?

An Aussie bridezilla is copping a lashing online after complaining that her friends are refusing to fork out AU$380 (NZ$395) for their shoes and dresses.


"My bridesmaids have made a big deal about how much everything is costing for my wedding," she raged on WeddingBee. She said they "both have full time jobs and no kids" to pay for, but added that they "are making a big deal" about her September wedding.

As the bridesmaids were planning on paying for her Hen's night themselves, they said they'd have to put their foot down when it came to the dresses.


The bride offered to contribute $100 towards their dresses. But now she says "things have changed" and she's being expected to pay for the Hen's night as well.

"The only reason I was putting money towards their dresses was because I wasn't paying anything for the bachelorette," she complained. "They both don't seem to get that I am up for allot (sic) of money paying for the rest of the wedding, and while that is nothing to do with them, I think they are being a little selfish in expecting me to pay for both. What should I do?"

The bridezilla's post sparked fierce debate, with several users arguing she's being unreasonable.

"Did you ask them how much they would be comfortable spending on dresses and shoes before you picked them?" one asked. "$380 is a lot of money, plus a bachelorette."

"If I wanted them to wear something in particular, I would have bought it. No question," said another.


A third added: "I hate when brides use the excuse of them having other wedding costs as an excuse to make unreasonable demands of their bridesmaids.

"You choose to have a wedding, you decided on the budget and that should have nothing to do with the bridesmaids.

"They clearly weren't comfortable paying $380 on a dress and frankly even you chipping in $280 is still a lot for a dress you don't particularly want and will never wear again."