Getting your mitts on the perfect pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a haystack.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of denim pants, only to discover the blue beauties have an annoying flaw. Baggy bums, button popping, dodgy zips and the of course, the dreaded muffin top — which can strike even the most poised among us.

If you've ever fallen victim to a faulty fit then you'll understand my excitement when I stumbled across a post on Instagram that hailed a pair of $25 Kmart creation as the "holy grail" of jeans.

The post by Aussie fashion influencer Luxe and Lemonade not only revealed they were a total bargain, but insisted they sculpted your figure, pulled you in where you needed them too and lifted your booty.


"They're the kind of jeans that allow you to consume your weight in chocolate but still look like you did 100 squats at the gym," Dani, who runs the page, told

However, my hopes were dashed when she told me the place you'd buy these incredible, life-changing jeans was in the most unexpected of places - budget retailer Kmart.

The "miracle" jeans. Photo / Kmart.

A few days later though, they popped up in my newsfeed again - this time by someone in Perth who described them as "miracle jeans".

Now my interest was majorly piqued. Despite thinking they sounded way too good to be true, I grabbed a pair the next time I was in my local store in Marrickville and decided to give them a whirl.

At first glance, Kmart's Sculpting Skinny Jeans didn't look that special. They had pockets on the bum and side ones on the front, and were available in all the usual colours you'd expect of jeans: blue, black and grey.

But when I pulled the soft, stretchy fabric on, I was instantly impressed.

The extra high-rise waist really pulled my tummy in, making an area I often feel self-conscious about feel flat and smooth. There was also a carefully stitched seam that gave a slimline look to my figure, one I certainly haven't earned in the gym recently.

And there was a nice added bonus for the vertically challenged like me. At 157cms, I usually have to spend about $30 having my pants altered, but these jeans are an ankle fit design that came in at the perfect length for me.


Wearing them was a total dream too. The stretchy fabric had just the right amount of snug and give that I didn't have to worry about them. There was no awkward tugging on the belt loops throughout the day, no flashing my undies and definitely no muffin top.

Despite just being a pair of jeans, I felt super confident and dare I say it, attractive even. Who would've thought a pair of jeans could make you feel that good? I loved them so much I've gone back and bought them in more colours.

So if you've got a spare $25 this weekend and looking for a way to spend it, you should defo do it on these.

You won't regret it, trust me.