There's nothing like the bitter disappointment of receiving a parcel in the post, only to discover its contents are not exactly as expected.

That's what happened to British woman, Lydia Ramsey, who ordered a slinky new body-con bikini to enjoy during the summer.

The 20-year-old bought a cobalt blue bandage bikini for $45 from PrettyLittleThing only to discover the brand's sizing was, um, a little out.

After slipping into the skimpy swimmers, she discovered the hard way the top wasn't designed for women with boobs and took to Twitter to air her frustrations.


She tweeted: "Never buying a bikini from @OfficialPLT again, sizing is not right.

"This is two sizes bigger than my actual size."

The Brit captioned the image along with a side-by-side snap of her wearing the top compared to the e-tailer's model, and boy, do they look different.

Poor Ramsey is squished into the size 16 bikini top but her assets spill out of the strappy design at the sides and bottom, giving off a serious amount of "underboob".

While the "underboob" trend is firmly in fashion at the moment, it's definitely not the look Ramsey was going for β€” but it certainly caused a stir online.

Her tweet has been liked hundreds of times, with one person saying: "Cannot believe this!"

Someone else said: "Happens to me every time and I even size-up three sizes for bikini tops."

Another added: "Dead. Your norks still manage to look decent tho cudos for that."

Others couldn't contain their laughter, deeming the shopping fail "hilarious".

The brutally relatable viral thread caught the attention of the store who messaged her: "Sorry to hear about this! Pop us a DM and we'll be able to look into it for you."

But people questioned the tweet, with one person commenting: "Interesting choice of words by saying 'pop'."

It's not the first time PLT have hit the headlines over their outfits, with customers regularly sharing humorous examples of expectation vs reality.

Back in April, another Brit shared an image of a black dress she bought on the site, comparing it to a "bin bag".

Niamh O'Donnell had ordered $372 worth of goodies from the online fashion retailer, but a photo of her in the "black satin v bar drape bodycon dress", which sells for $46, wasn't exactly what she wanted.

"When the PrettyLittleThing order doesn't quite meet expectations," Niamh, a trainee accountant, captioned the snap.

Niamh said: "I looked like someone should have put me in the nearest bin. It was a bad design and a bad fit which resulted in the world's worst combination."

In 2017, PrettyLittleThing was criticised over a tiny crop top that couldn't fit over a person's head.

YouTube is full of videos of people trying on the clothes with hilarious results too.