A Gold Coast man has blasted McDonald's after realising he had been served a raw chicken burger after he had already eaten half of it.

Joseph Kim asked his daughter to pick up some burgers for a late lunch at about 2.30pm on Saturday from the McDonald's at Upper Coomera.

She dropped his burger at work before taking the rest home to the family.

Mr Kim said he noticed the burger was all separated in the box when he received it but didn't think much of it and put it back together, news.com.au reports.


"I started to dive very quickly into the burger because I was very hungry," he wrote on Facebook.

"I didn't taste anything at first but I felt something soft and tender in my mouth.

About half way through eating the burger Mr Kim glanced down and was shocked to find the chicken patty was completely raw.

He quickly rang his daughter to check the rest of the burgers and found that his wife's crispy chicken burger was even more undercooked than his.

"Fortunately my wife hadn't had one bite when I already ate almost half," he wrote.

"I got so upset because not only I couldn't eat a proper burger and/or waste money but this could have caused critical condition or at worst, death to my whole family."

Mr Kim took the burger back to McDonald's and spoke to the assistant business manager.

He said while he got a couple of apologies from the manager he hadn't received any formal apology or action from McDonald's by Saturday night.


A McDonald's spokesperson told the Gold Coast Bulletin that an investigation was underway at the restaurant.