A man has shown off a list of instructions his ex-girlfriend wrote for his new partner, only people weren't as impressed as he thought they would be.

Twitter user Jacob Brown shared pictures of the three-page list his ex wrote, claiming it was "literally the best thing I have ever gotten in my life".

The note, titled 'For his next girlfriend' goes on to list all his likes and dislikes and instructs the new partner on how to have a happy relationship with him.

Here's hoping you love a man in a robe.
Here's hoping you love a man in a robe.

Unfortunately social media users didn't think the list was as great as Jacob clearly did, with many finding it downright embarrassing.


The note covers things like his favourite beer, colour and food.

It then starts to cover weirder things like how you can't finish a netflix series without him, how he always loses important items like his ID and that his room is always messy and you need to help him clean it.

His next girlfriend should be prepared to
His next girlfriend should be prepared to "chill with his boys."

One of the more concerning points read: "You will constantly hear negative things about him from people, but just ignore it, trust me it ain't worth the fight."

It finishes by adding that you shouldn't put more stress on him when he gets home from a long day.

Twitter users were quick to point out all the red flags being shown in this note, with many questioning whether Jacob actually wrote it himself.

His "ex" has issued a warning about unavoidable "big obstacles".

"He probably wrote it himself and thinks it'll go over more easily if it's from his 'ex'," one person said.

"He wants a mommy figure who'd cater to all his whims, keep track of stuff for him, be willing to be ignored regularly, and clean after him. Not an equal partner," another wrote.

One added: "This literally reads like the list of instructions I leave for my in-laws when I'm leaving my kids for the weekend."