A Perth mum has issued a dire warning to campers after her young daughter suffered horrific burns to her face and body all because of one "sick" individual.

Bianca Jade was camping with her family for the long weekend in Pickering Brook in Perth's east when the incident occurred.

About 20 minutes after making a fire in the same pit used by the previous camper, the whole thing exploded.

It was soon discovered the person who used the pit before them had buried a cooking oil spray can beneath the firewood so no one could see it.


Shortly after the fire was lit the can exploded, burning Ms Jade's six-year-old daughter who was sitting by the fire at the time, news.com.au reports.

A family friend was also reportedly injured in the explosion, with both having to be hospitalised.

The little girl was sitting next to fire at the time of the explosion. Photo / Facebook
The little girl was sitting next to fire at the time of the explosion. Photo / Facebook

"An amazing night turned so horribly wrong so quickly and it is breaking my heart watching my baby go through this pain and having to be dosed up on morphine because she can't handle the pain she is only 6 years old," Ms Jade wrote on Facebook.

"Who the hell would honestly be that sick and twisted to do something like that to purposely hurt someone, let alone a child!"

The young girl suffered burns to a portion of her face as well as her legs, with her mum claiming the injuries are so bad she can't even walk.

"Check the fire pits and clear them out before starting a new fire so this doesn't happen to you or a loved one ever," Ms Jade warned.

"I'd never forgive myself if I didn't post this and then this happened to someone else or another child I don't wish this even upon my worst enemy!"

The girl is reportedly in a stable condition in Perth Children's Hospital.