The devastated parents of an 11-month-old girl who is dying are begging a thief to return their stolen phone, which is full of precious images.

A heartbroken Melbourne family is pleading for help to locate a lost mobile phone that contains photos of their dying 11-month-old daughter.

Jay and Dee Windross' phone, full of precious memories of little Amiyah, was left in the toilets next to Target at Chadstone yesterday.

The parents are asking anyone who knows anything about the Samsung Galaxy S8, which had a purple cover, to contact them directly or to drop it at the front desk at the Monash Children's Hospital or at a help desk at Chadstone, no questions asked.


"All the photos of her during the day doing things, it's all on Dee's phone," Mr Windross told the Herald Sun.

"We just want to recover what's on the phone.

Jay Windross with little Amiyah. Photo / Supplied
Jay Windross with little Amiyah. Photo / Supplied

"We can get another phone but it is not about that, it's all about the photos.

"We beg you as grieving parents not to wipe the phone."

They believe the phone was stolen from the toilets after Mrs Windross left it in there on Saturday afternoon.

Amiyah has been in and out of intensive care since she was born.

She went back into hospital on Thursday and remains in the ICU at the Monash Children's Hospital.

"Within hours of her bring born we noticed there was something that wasn't quite right," Mr Windross said.


"She spent her first week of life in special care.

"She's about 330 days old and she's spent nearly 200 of those in hospital.

"Nobody knows what's wrong with her."

The little girl's mystery illness has doctors stumped.

Her condition is continuing to deteriorate and her family do not know how long they have left with her.

They are desperate to get their photos back and do not want to get police involved.