A desperate pregnant woman has cut off her $898,000 diamond engagement ring after she lost feeling in her wedding finger and it turned a terrifying purple.

Heavily pregnant Megan Davison took to social media to beg for help when her fingers became very swollen.

The young mum-to-be — who is engaged to British soccer star Jordan Pickford — tried everything from butter to washing up liquid to help the bling slide off her finger.

However the situation quickly escalated, news.com.au reports.


But when nothing worked, the 24-year-old frantically rushed to a jeweller to have the giant stone cut from her hand.

It had to be chopped off as it cut off circulation to her finger. Photo / Instagram
It had to be chopped off as it cut off circulation to her finger. Photo / Instagram

"We've been to the jewellers for the chop. Thanks so much everyone for the messages I'll try and reply once I have feelings back in my fingers," she wrote, over a photo of her hand, showing her traumatised red wedding finger.

Luckily, the expectant mum saw the funny side, telling concerned followers she felt like "Edward Scissorhands" after having the tight piece of jewellery removed.

"However I currently feel like Edward Scissorhands and can't even butter a slice of bread."

Earlier, Miss Davison had shared a photo of the expensive diamond ring firmly wedged on her finger, with the digit an angry purple colour.

Over the top she had written: "Please help."

As the snaps were shared in her Instagram Stories, many of her 50,000 followers reacted to the alarming situation.

Swelling is common in pregnancy, caused by water retention as the body holds onto more fluid than normal.


In Ms Davison's case, it appears to have caused her ring to cut off circulation to her finger, leaving it numb and turning it purple.

She and her goalkeeper boyfriend were engaged in June last year, with the Premier League player proposing with a whopping diamond reportedly worth almost $900,000.

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The pair are childhood sweethearts, having dated since they were just 14.

Pickford is one of the world's most expensive goalkeepers — he signed on for Everton for around $50 million in 2017.

So they're probably not too worried about the cost of getting the ring repaired.