With winter settling in across the whole country, one expert says the best way to stay warm inside this winter is by making a cheap and easy thermal blanket for windows and doors.

Dr Nelson Lebo, Eco Design Advisor for the Palmerston North City Council, said it was important to have a good heater in your home, but even more important to reduce the heat loss from your windows where you can lose up to a third of your heat.

This winter hack is a genius invention called a thermo blanket.

Simply measure up your window or French doors, cut a piece of timber that fits snug in between the frame and attach a thermal blanket to it which will insulate the area locking the heat inside.


"This will cost you under $40 with a brand new duvet and duvet cover from Kmart, but if you get a woollen blanket from an op shop it will cost even less."

Dr Lebo said it was absolutely critical to cut the length of timber 3mm less than the inside dimension of the window or door frame and pack out the gap with a piece of folded cardboard to make it tight.

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