Have you truly given up caring about your appearance? I've got just the shoe for you then.

UGG has just released its summer sandals, the "Fluff Yeah slides" and while I'm prepared to admit "fluff yeah" is a cool enough name, that's about the only redeeming feature of this shoe.

Let's be clear: there's being comfortable and then there's going out like you had to cut off the tops of your winter slippers. And I'm totally non-judgemental if cutting off the tops of your slippers is a thing you'd consider doing - but slippers will always be strictly home-only footwear, no matter what anyone tells you.

Sure, they look cosy. True, my feet sometimes hurt. Are those enough reason to spend nearly $150 on fluffy shoes? No. And you can keep your "free shipping" too, I don't need it.

No, but in coral. Photo / UGG
No, but in coral. Photo / UGG

While we're dishing out truths, here's another one: feet sweat in summer. Do you really want to be wearing fluffy shoes when it's hot outside? If you answered yes, then I've got a deal I'd like to offer you on some light summery ski pants to go with that.


I mean, just think about it. What are you even going to wear with these, other than a wallet with a lot less money in it because you spent it on some really weird shoes? And even if you figure out what you wear with it (UGG, by the way, suggests "midi dresses or your favourite jeans"), where are you wearing this to?

I can't even think of what kind of weather it'd have to be outside to justify looking out the window and thinking "yeah, it's definitely fluffy sandal weather".

Take it from someone who's got a really good track record of poor fashion choices: you don't need fluffy summer sandals.