A Detriot woman who refused to get her son vaccinated has been sentenced to a week in jail.

Rebecca Bredow was sentenced to seven days behind bars overnight when she appeared in court for failing to comply with the court's order to vaccinate her son, according to Detroit news station, WXYZ.

According to News.com.au Bredow was found in contempt of court for refusing to vaccinate her nine-year-old son after being ordered by a judge to do so.

"I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don't believe in," Bredow said in court.


And while Bredow had been forthright about refusing to vaccinate her son, she and her ex-husband had previously agreed in November 2016 to inoculate the child, with the injections being spaced out over time.

But when Bredow refused to go through with the remaining vaccinations, her ex-husband asked the judge to force Bredow, who has primary custody of the child, to comply with their prior agreement.

According to WXYZ, the judge told Bredow that her son would be vaccinated regardless and that Bredow could go to jail for contempt or not - it was her choice.

The judge restated that the court never made a finding on vaccination because it was agreed upon by Bredow in November last year that her son would receive is vaccinations.

Given she failed to comply with the order, the judge ordered Bredow to serve seven days in jail for contempt.

Bredow was handcuffed in court and escorted out of the room by police.