Magic relationship wands don't exist - but if they did there'd be no shortage of women queuing up to buy one.

And top of their list of things to banish in a puff of smoke is their husband's grumpiness.

A survey of married couples found that mood swings were the thing wives would most like to change in a partner, reports Daily Mail.

However, it seems men have a longer list of demands. Given the chance, husbands would change an average of six things about their partners, while women would only change four, the poll reveals.


For women, 35 per cent would make their partner less grumpy, while 30 per cent want them to be better listeners.

Putting an end to bad habits is on the wish list for a quarter of wives - and the same number would like their husbands to become more appreciative.

For men, the top request for almost one in four was for their spouse to be more affectionate, while 22 per cent wished their other half was happier.

One in five wanted their wives to be more adventurous in the bedroom.

Overall, while the majority were happy in their marriage 13 per cent said they were unsure if they had ended up with the right person.

Relationship expert and psychologist Donna Dawson said: 'What's surprising about this research is the number of British men clamouring for more affection - this is usually the number one female gripe.

'It appears that men would be less grumpy if they were given more affection and more adventurous sex, while women would be happier if men listened more and stopped their bad habits.

'Regardless of the difference in complaints from both genders, the old relationship rules still apply - to try to listen to each other, to meet in the middle, and to show each other kindness, patience and respect.'

The survey of 1,500 couples by polling firm Ginger Research found that men wanted their wives to 'dress sexier', stop watching 'bad TV programmes', be more into sport and forget obsessing about their weight.

Women, however, wished their spouses would drink less, help more with chores, get rid of their beer belly and put the loo seat down. They also wanted to change their husband's height, facial hair - and table manners.