A beauty blogger claims that covering your make up brush with a condom could be the secret to flawless foundation.

YouTuber Laila Tahri recently shared a video where she demonstrated using the contraceptive in her beauty routine and says it help her achieve the perfect blend, according to the Daily Mail.

The Dutch blogger was inspired by the concept of the silisponge - a trend in 2016 that saw YouTubers using a silicone pad to apply makeup.

The idea behind the sponge was that the silicone would provide full coverage without absorbing any of the product however, Laila was not convinced.


In her latest video shared on her Instagram account she says: "I do prefer the (regular) sponge but then I thought if you just put some plastic around it works just the same and the sponge will not absorb all the makeup."

This was how she devised the idea of using a condom as a cover for her beauty blender.

In the video she uses a regular Durex contraceptive - cleaning it to remove all the lubrication before wrapping it around her blender.

She then uses the sponge as she normally would applying her foundation directly to it and using dabbing motions to blend the product.

Pausing after covering one side of her face she says: "I really wasn't expecting this It blended out my foundation so beautifully."

Laila admits there is only one small downside adding: "There is only one thing that I don't like about it is that there is too much plastic - it's a little hard to clean it.

"I came up with this plan and I din't know if it was going to work but yeah I really like it."

Since sharing the video three days ago Laila's unusual method has already received more than 41,000 views on Instagram.