A social media account promoting body positivity in a rather daring way has taken the internet by storm.

GetNakedAustralia has gained more than 57,900 followers by sharing pictures of brave travellers who have ditched their clothes to stand nude infront of stunning backdrops.

26-year-old health professional called Brendan started the account after finding he was inspired to strip off whenever he went for a hike.

He told the Illawarra Mercury, "Whenever I go on a hike and find a swimming hole I'm always keen to strip off and jump in for a skinny dip.


"I posted a photo to my own social media of me naked on top of a mountain and people loved it.

"No one thought it was weird, it was well received and encouraged.

"My friends and I then started to get some cool group shots, including one with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background, and I thought it would be cool to start a page for all our photos."

The man, from Sydney, said he kept the account focused on the naked form without commenting on a body's appearance.

"Society has such a problem with the naked body. Nudity is only really seen as acceptable if its considered 'art'.

"Every other form of nudity is deemed sexual when it shouldn't be. People can be naked and comfortable with it without any sexual nature.

"Through Get Naked Australia we aim to remove that stigma associated with nudity and encourage people to go outside and feel the sun and water on their bare skin.

"People shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed to go skinny dipping or go to a nude beach."