If you're looking for jewellery with a special history, perhaps the earrings worn by Black Sticks star Gemma Flynn at the premiere of Chasing Great might spark your interest?

Designed for Flynn by Charmaine Williams from Grae Jewellery in Auckland and Tauranga-based couturier Grace Millicent, the earrings are valued at $2350 and will be auctioned on Trade Me to raise funds for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

The earrings are crafted in diamonds, white topaz and sterling silver. Photo / Supplied
The earrings are crafted in diamonds, white topaz and sterling silver. Photo / Supplied

It's a charity Flynn says is close to her heart, telling the Herald of her family's personal experience with the foundation.

"My nana has twice survived breast cancer. So it's a charity our family holds dear in our hearts.


"I'm so pleased to be able to give back. It's the least I could do."

Flynn has previously been involved with the foundation by meeting with a group of survivors at a breakfast event with Toni Street and by taking part in charity walks in her home town of Tauranga.

Williams says the idea to auction the earrings came about during the design process and stems from a shared support of the foundation.

While Flynn explains that she was "a little bit busy" at the Olympics when the earrings and dress were being made, she was thrilled when she was presented with the diamond, white topaz and sterling silver jewels.

"I was blown away when I saw them. They're stunning. I was lucky to get to wear diamond earrings like that. It was nice to get a bit glammed up."

Flynn paired them with a handbeaded gown made for her by Millicent.

In time for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the $1 reserve auction began on Thursday and will run over the weekend, ending on Monday night at 9pm.