A man allegedly posing as a sex therapist accidentally set up a WhatsApp group for 250 women he had attempted to charm online, it was claimed today.

Gerald Kitching, 40, is said to have admitted he had been "roasted" after the women realised they had all exchanged messages or met with the same man.

Kitching, of Maidstone, Kent, allegedly then left the group before the women discussed his attempts to chat them up, calling him "sex obsessed" and "creepy".

He is believed to have created the group of 256 women by mistake while trying to delete their numbers from his mobile phone, according to The Sun.


One woman, who claimed Kitching sent her a sexually explicit picture on Tinder and asked her for another in return, said he made her feel uncomfortable.

She told The Sun: 'The fact that he has run pick-up classes is hilarious because he couldn't be worse at it. The WhatsApp group was very funny but totally shocking.

"These dating apps allow people to behave like this with no comeback. This group has allowed a comeback and it's been a bit like a therapy session for all of us."

A report by journalists Matt Wilkinson, Katie Hodge, Stephen Moyes and Jonathan Reilly quoted another woman, who exchanged messages with him for a week.

She told The Sun: 'All of us ladies were having a massive laugh at his expense. He really put his foot in it by adding all of us to one group.'

Kitching, who could not be contacted for comment today, allegedly said in one WhatsApp message: 'I was asking deleting people and somehow created a group!'

According to the newspaper's report of the messages, he added: 'I am not sleeping with every woman in the world' - and also said: 'Glad I am getting roasted now.'