When your nickname is 'Money', one private jet just will not do.

Floyd Mayweather took to social media to show off his plane collection in the latest boast of wealth from the boxer who is still one of the world's highest-paid athletes, despite retiring last September.

Mayweather stood on the steps of one of his multi-million dollar toys with the other in the background.

Alongside the snap taken at a sun-soaked airfield the 49-0 fighter wrote on Instagram: '#AirMayweather 1 & #AirMayweather 2 parked back to back.'


The 39-year-old, who reportedly made more than £160million for his fight against Manny Pacquiao in May 2015, is more famous for his fleet of cars - but has broadened his horizons since retiring.

www.themoneyteam.com #AIRMAYWEATHER

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The boxing legend used his planes to embark on a world tour after his final fight against Andre Berto, as well as putting on a tour of Europe where thousands of fans flocked to his shows to meet him.

Mayweather's latest venture is his plan to open a strip club called Girl Collection in Las Vegas, having built a reputation of spending tens of thousands of dollars in such establishments

$6,500,000 for these 2 toys. #BUGATTI Film credit: @iam_jcraw www.themoneyteam.com

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The former boxer, who is believed to have a net worth of close to £500m, announced the move on his Twitter account on Sunday.

Talk of Mayweather returning to the ring has died down since UFC star Conor McGregor was booked for an Octagon bout in August, leaving 'Money' without a verbal sparring partner to garner interest.

However, less than two weeks ago Mayweather told the Los Angeles Times he could yet be tempted to lace up the gloves again.

'For the right price, I may come back,' said the five-division world champion.
'A lot of fighters have to box. I don't have to box. I don't get the urge to go to the boxing gym. My urge is giving back to the sport now, helping [promote] the young fighters.

'People have to realise, when I look at my Uncle Roger [his former trainer, riddled with health issues] and even Ali, boxing is wear and tear.'