It's likely the last thing you'd think could be confused for a piece of meat but Twitter users have been left stumped by an image comparing the moon to slices of ham.

After the northern hemisphere saw its first strawberry moon since 1967 last week, an image featuring a shot of the celestial rarity has left the internet scratching its head.

Twitter user Terakubo Mashiro tweeted four pictures: One of the moon, and three of slices of ham. From Japan, Terakubo accompanied his pictures with a caption which roughly translates to: "Only one in this includes the Strawberry Moon. All other ham."

His tweet has been shared more than 44,000 times and received 34,000 likes.


Eventually he revealed that the image at the top right was the moon, while the remaining three were indeed pieces of ham.

He later shared a similar image comparing cured meat to a planet: This time, a shot of Jupiter with close up pictures of streaky bacon. His followers were left struggling to tell the difference.

Terakubo then revealed that the image at the top left was in fact Jupiter.