1. Less stress

No seriously, it's true. Pets mould to your schedule, they are never unavailable for chats, they give you cuddles (...well not the pet fish or pet turtles but you get my drift) all of these things help to relieve stress and improve your mood.

2. You meet new friends

That's right, your pet could be your wingman! Owning a pet sends you to the pet store, dog parks, special events for your furry friends and at these places you meet likeminded people and mingle with them over the common denominator, you're fabulous wingman pet! All single people get out there, get your pet of choice and get ready to mingle.

3. They are great for your children

We all know at some point the kids start to beg for a puppy or kitten, it's not a bad thing parents.... Studies show having a pet around the house helps in the development of your childs emotional, cognitive, social and physical development.

4. They could save your life

We have all heard the one about the dog sensing the intruder in the garden and warning its owner, but what about the Parrot that squawked and flapped so loudly that it woke its family up before the fire alarms went off and they managed to escape the fire!? Animals do have a sense of danger that us humans don't always have. Owning a pet really could save your life.


5. Emotional health

It is no secret that having a four legged friend can not only help with your physical health but they also assist in your emotional health and well being. Having a pet decreases your sense of loneliness, especially if you live alone.