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I gather from Mikki Williden that I probably eat way too many nuts, but I'm going to focus on all of the health benefits she talks about because they are absolutely my desert island food. I incorporate them into so much of my cooking and Ray is encouraging more of that this week, that nut sauce on his Circassian Chicken ... mm, mmm.

Roasted almonds and pinenuts are tossed with cooked greens and dried fruit to serve with roast pork belly and these chocolate and almond biscuits can be served with fruit for dessert.

Warren is also on the sauce and has a set of four that you can pick and choose from to serve with hot or cold chicken over summer - roast or barbecue your chook, add sauce, a couple of salads and/or some crusty bread - dinner done.

Also in Bite this week, Kyle Street grills his lettuce, for the right kind of retro. Dinner tonight is Anna Jones' kale, tomato and lemon magic one-pot spaghetti followed by her pour-over soup for lunch tomorrow.

Anna with her onepot-spaghetti and right, pour over soup.
Anna with her onepot-spaghetti and right, pour over soup.