A swimsuit range bearing Lara Bingle's name has been accused of copying a US swimwear maker's designs.

Lisa Marie Fernandez claims the Cotton On Body collection featuring the Australian model's designs is a blatant copy of her work.

Fernandez is credited with being the first designer to use neoprene, the synthetic rubber material used in wet suits, in swimwear in 2009.

The designer says Cotton On's neo one-piece is not the only time an Australian label has tried to pass off copies as original creations, and has accused two other brands, Triangl and N.L.P, of ripping off her products.


"Many of these people ... have been shamelessly copying our product," Fernandez told News Corp Australia.

She said her label has sought legal advice and will send a letter of warning to Cotton On, Triangl and N.L.P.

Comment is being sought from the labels.

Fernandez, who is friends with Bingle on social media, says the 26-year-old had shown her the original designs for her Cotton On collection.

However, those swimsuits were different to the range being promoted by the retailer.

"It was authentic, but it was nothing like what came out after," she said.

She said both Cotton On and Bingle have a responsibility not to infringe on intellectual property, but she understood the company has the final say when it comes to its designs.

"I don't know how much power she has with a big company like Cotton On," Fernandez said.

She said she wanted to discuss the matter with Bingle personally but the model is attending New York Fashion Week with beau Sam Worthington.

"I wanted to say to her one girl to another," said Fernandez.

(Images care of Lisa Marie Fernandez)