New Zealand women find bad breath to be the biggest turn-off in the bedroom, according to a survey.

The survey examined the dating and relationship habits of 1500 New Zealanders and identified the three biggest turn-offs for both genders.

Bad breath was nominated as the least appealing trait by female respondents, followed by body odour and smoking.

Men found smoking to be the No1 turn-off in a partner, followed by nagging and bad breath.


Men voted stripping the sexiest thing a partner could do. Their female counterparts said receiving a massage was.

The results also revealed one in three respondents had admitted cheating on their partners.

Gisborne had the most cheaters, with 50 per cent of respondents from that city admitting they had been unfaithful in relationships.

Those from Napier and Palmerston were not far behind, with more than 40 per cent of participants admitting to having been unfaithful.

A large majority of respondents admitted they were worried about being cheated on, with slightly more than half of men and 43.5 per cent of women saying it was a concern.

The survey, for the Adult Toy Mega Store, also looked at New Zealand's dating culture.

Almost 50 per cent of participants identified hanging out with friends as the best way to meet potential partners.

Online dating was a distant second, with only 16.7 per cent of men and 13.2 per cent of women nominating it as the best way to meet a partner.

Those looking to save money on dates will also be interested to know respondents said it was more attractive to be cooked dinner than to be taken out.