Shabnam Shiwan is a design director at multi-disciplinary design company Alt Group, where she uses her talents to develop strategies and creative outcomes for a wide variety of design projects.

Shiwan has worked with fashion designers like World, hair salon Ryder, local government agencies, winemakers and more, but she says that her favourite piece of work to date would be a "typography identity project" with dance group Black Grace - creating a typeface that reflects the art of the tattoo to become the voice of their company.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Graphic Design from AUT in 1995, Shiwan's work has been featured in the ID Design Annual - and earlier this year her agency was named Australasian Design Agency of the Year at the Creative Hotshop Awards in Sydney, one of many awards the agency has won. Unsurprisingly, her favourite things are heavily influenced by her love of typography.

1. Joseph Churchwood poster

Joseph Churchwood is New Zealand's most famous typographer - and he is still designing in his 70s. I like his presentation to TV2 for the station identity from the 1970s - if only it had been implemented. David Bennewith recently turned it into a poster. A Pacific take on typography; it says a lot about us and where we come from.

2. Katie Battersby Steam Boat Bill T-shirt

Katie Battersby's new Steam Boat Bill collection really appeals to me - there is nothing like nautical with a Buster Keaton twist. I love nautical tees; this is my fourth, which will be worn to death, then laid to rest regretfully.

3. The Engine Room tea towels

We have worked with Natalia and Karl from The Engine Room for a long time and are huge fans of their cooking. Their tea towels generously deliver some of their secret recipes as well as being pretty handy.

4. Octavia Cook ring

I love Octavia Cook's jewellery, particularly her cameos and skull ring. I bought this one for my partner Lloyd five years ago, but always wished I had bought it for myself.

5. Farmgate wine

Farmgate is a range of wine from Hawkes Bay. Each wine pairs a different local producer with a different wine - it's like food and wine matching in a bottle. I particularly like the gewurztraminer, merlot cabernet - and the black and white Derek Henderson portraits on the bottles are otherworldly.

6. Betty Crocker cookbook

My parents bought this back from Canada in the 1980s. It really defined my childhood. We lived in Fiji and couldn't access many of the ingredients, so spent most of our time looking at the pictures and imagining what they tasted like.

7. George Nelson Bubbles lampshade

Nelson created a lot of iconic mid-century design. This lampshade is made from lightweight steel and covered with a special translucent white plastic which casts a beautiful soft light.

8. House Industries poster

Exotique H from Photo-Lettering. Digitised by Kris Sowersby, directed by Christian Schwartz. I really like Gordon Walters and this is probably the closest I'm going to get.

9. "I lied" brooch

Marilyn Sainty produced a series of one-off brooches. By the time I got to Scotties they only had "I cried", "I lied" and "I tried" left. I picked "I lied". It's perfect for me; I can go on an errand for 10 minutes then return to the office an hour later with a purchase.

10. Make it Bigger by Paula Scher

Scher is an American graphic designer who is a partner at Pentagram in New York. Her book Make it Bigger is rich and inspiring and is gorgeous as an object in its own right.