Watch: Woman with eating disorders gains seven dress sizes, becomes body positive activist


A woman who battled an eating disorder that made her feel so fat wanted to DIE, is now helping others to love their bodies, after gaining SEVEN dress sizes. Danielle Galvin, 24, from Cairns, Queensland (Australia) developed a childhood eating disorder after suffering years of taunts for being overweight. Aged 11, she joined a gym and started to count her calories, and things quickly spiralled out of control. Over the next eight years, she battled a constant cycle of starving herself followed by guild-ridden binges. But maintain her 70kg body took its toll on her mental health and she developed anxiety, panic attacks and even made an attempt at taking her own life. After receiving counselling for her body issues, she slowly began to change her diet and has since gone from a size 10, to a size 24 – and now helps other women to embrace their curves.