A maverick Facebook page has reportedly circulated another old video which embarrasses an NRL player, according to a Sydney newspaper.

NRL Memes was responsible for uploading two sex tapes of Bulldogs and Queensland forward Dylan Napa a couple of days ago, according to the Telegraph.

Now the Facebook page has circulated video of new Dragons signing Corey Norman laughing as a fellow partygoer seems to snort a line of white powder. Another top footballer and another man can be viewed laughing on a couch.

It is believed Norman, who played for the Eels, was fined at the time over that video, which is two years old, and another "more explicit" one showing a woman being licked on her stomach.


The Dragons contacted the NRL Integrity Unit on Monday and made no further comment.

Meanwhile Napa has contacted police over the video leak.

The Facebook page has come under fire after the explicit videos of Napa were released.

"10,000 likes on this post and 300,000 total page likes and we'll release Big Papa Napa part 2. Yes, we have a second video — Get tagging and liking!" the NRL Memes post reads.

It has sparked outrage among football fans online, with other groups calling for a boycott of the page.

Napa has approached police and engaged lawyers, with the sharing and publication of clips of that nature potentially in breach of so-called 'revenge porn' laws.

New South Wales Police confirmed Napa had approached them to seek advice but was yet to make a formal complaint.

Wide World of Sports reported that one of the clips was filmed by a former teammate during a trip by his previous club the Roosters to the United States after they won the 2013 Grand Final.


Another unnamed player, with whom Napa had a falling out, is the person responsible for leaking it, the website claims.

When contacted by news.com.au, the person who operates the NRL Memes group insisted it did not "release the video".

"I have nothing to comment about … do not try and defame me and learn how to word your questions better in the future," a fiery message from the administrator read.

"I'm just like any other source of media and I can report on anything that is brought to my attention, so don't accuse me of releasing the videos when I haven't."

The person brushed off reports of Napa engaging lawyers and said they had nothing to fear, before becoming angry about the attention their threat generated.

"Because if you were aware, you'd know police in Australia can't subpoena private information from Facebook because they don't respond to their requests. So for starters, they can't charge anyone with anything if they don't know who runs this 'page'.

"I think you should seek legal advice asking what could happen to my page or I before you come running your mouth trying to be a hero.

"Go find yourself a story angle elsewhere, I know how to generate publicity better than anyone you know, and I'll do your job better than you do it."

In the video that emerged last week, which went viral on social media, a man alleged to be Queensland Origin representative Napa is shown on a bed with the woman.

She is lying on her stomach with her head facing away from the camera.

He appears to be naked but some of the video is obscured by two laughing-face emojis.

At the start of the video, Napa looks at the camera. He leans in close to her face and appears to say: "Call me big Papi … call me Big Papa."

Napa has just begun a three-year contract at the Bulldogs, with the club releasing its second statement surrounding the issue in as many days.

"The club is aware of a further social media video that has emerged today that was taken several years ago," the statement read.

"The club can confirm that Dylan Napa has received legal representation and advice from senior legal council, as well as made contact with the NSW Police. The club is supportive of Dylan and is providing welfare support."