Key Points:

ACT made a dramatic point about its opposition to the Government's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) today.

It put on a piece of street theatre at Auckland's Cornwall Park where a "farmer" was whipped by a "witch".

The farmer was hauling a trailer carrying an oversized $5 billion cheque made out to Russia on behalf of the New Zealand taxpayer.

ACT leader Rodney Hide argued that under the Kyoto Protocol New Zealand money would go to countries such as Russia, which have large forests.

"This is sheer lunacy - New Zealand emits 0.02 per cent of world CO2 emissions. Nothing we do will change the world's weather."

Labour say New Zealand exports would suffer if it did not participate in Kyoto and the ETS would reduce costs.

National would amend the ETS legislation. It has a goal of halving New Zealand's emissions by 2050.