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I had hoped Sue Kedgley's waspish remarks in the wake of the Prime Minister calling Liz Hurley hot were off the cuff - and I was right.

In response to a phone call from a journalist, Kedgley claimed the Prime Minister's appreciation of Hurley's form was boorish and unbecoming of a prime minister. Her criticisms have been reported halfway round the world.

If ever there was a time for a no comment, this was it. Sniping at the Prime Minister for a simple statement of fact makes her look mean spirited, overtly politically correct and worst of all, a hypocrite.

Back in the day, when Sue and her twin sister Helen were the stuff of undergraduate fantasy around the Victoria University campus, they entered a beauty contest.

Helen won and Sue was runner up and presumably they both wanted people to think they were hot.

I know times and people change but presumably John Key made his comments about the luscious Liz in the same spirit in which Sue entered a beauty pageant - for fun. Being all mealy mouthed just makes her look like a bad tempered old bag.