I hope that a Sexual Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be convened in this country before the end of the year.

That way, every aggrieved slapper could confront every sleazy and predatory sportsman who's ever wronged her, the sportsmen could apologise en masse and we could be secure in the knowledge that never again will we be confronted with the sordid stories of pissed people making poor choices and behaving badly.

I'm of the mind that if women head out on the town with the purpose of being shagged by a sportsman, then they must bear some responsibility for their actions.

Treating all women as victims infantilises them. If women want sexual freedom, they must accept sexual responsibility.

Alcoholic comas, unwanted sex and remorse are occupational hazards for trollops on the prowl.

And arrogant arses who believe girls are there for the plucking should realise that no matter how much time passes, hell hath no fury like a drunken slapper treated like scum.

There's a bit of karmic retribution in seeing a cocky bastard brought low, but I'm growing tired of it as a spectator sport.

The courts are there to deal with crimes that are alleged to have been committed; it appears the media's there to allow women scorned but not criminally-abused to wreak their vengeance.

Bring on the Commission and let's be done with it once and for all.