People in the deep south of New Zealand will have the chance to see a partial eclipse of the sun today.

Assuming fine weather, Southland and the western coast of Fiordland will see the partial eclipse. From Invercargill it will be visible just to the north of Stewart Island from 9.07pm to 9.24pm.

For those living too far north, the CSIRO in Australia is broadcasting the event there live on the internet.

The eclipse has been generating much excitement in Australia where it will be experienced as a total eclipse in some places. It has been 26 years since Australia last experienced a total solar eclipse.

Ceduna, on South Australia's west coast, will be one of the best places to view the eclipse, according Darren Seaborne of CSIRO's Double Helix Science Club.

For 31 seconds the town will be consumed in shadow as the moon passes in front of the sun.

At 9.45pm (NZ time) today, CSIRO will begin broadcasting live from Ceduna images of the eclipsing sun. Because of the different time zones, the Australian event should be more spectacular as it will be earlier in the evening.

Watch the live CSIRO broadcast