New Zealand Netball has defended its right to hold onto the Taini Jamison Trophy despite losing the silverware to Jamaica last month.

The Jamaican netball team were left disappointed after not being allowed to take the Taini Jamison Trophy with them after winning the Quad Series.

Jamaica claimed the trophy after defeating the Silver Ferns 59-53 in the final at the North Shore Events Centre. That victory followed a 59-51 round-robin victory over New Zealand.

However, the team was told that the Taini Jamison Trophy, named after one of New Zealand's most successful coaches, had to stay in New Zealand.


President of Netball Jamaica (NJ) Dr Paula Daley-Morris told The Sunday Gleaner that her association was extremely shocked by Netball New Zealand's action.

"At the end of the series for the Taini Jamison Trophy, we were anticipating receiving the trophy, but we were told that it has never been won by any other national team and that it couldn't leave the country," Daley-Morris said.

"The team was disappointed in that we didn't get medals or replicas, and we asked for even a picture of the trophy itself or even something symbolic to mark the occasion, and we haven't received that either," Daley-Morris said.

"We got a little framed New Zealand plaque, and it wasn't even a plaque that had any writing to say what we received this for in terms of the competition. It was just normal memorabilia, and I don't think it was sufficient," she said.

New Zealand Netball operations director Kate Agnew said the trophy is a perpetual onshore trophy put up when the Silver Ferns play any other country apart from Australia in New Zealand.

"The Taini Jamison Trophy is a perpetual onshore trophy. It remains onshore and the main trophy never leaves New Zealand," she said.

"They were told that the Taini Jamison Trophy doesn't leave New Zealand, reasons for that is mainly around insurance and the value of the trophy…

"I understand that once they won the trophy they thought they could get to take it and we told them the trophy doesn't go off shore. As is often the case, the reality of a situation doesn't quite become clear until it doesn't actually impact upon you."


Jamaica did have something to take home from their most recent win over the Silver Ferns however. The Sunshine Girls followed their Taini Jamison Trophy victories with another win over the Silver Ferns in the bronze medal match at the Commonwealth Games.