Icecream lovers may find it harder to find their favourite Tip Top treat in the coming months thanks to unprecedented demand caused by the unseasonably warm weather.

Tip Top was having to re-prioritise production so more popular products including Trumpets, Popsicles, most Frujus and vanilla ice cream would remain available, Fairfax reported.

But that meant stocks of other products, including grapefruit and lemon Frujus, goody-goody gumdrops and cookies and cream icecream, were lower than normal and may be harder to find.

Fonterra Brands sales director Tim Carter told Fairfax demand always increased over summer and they always planned for it but the hot weather had seen demand skyrocket.


"Sunshine drives icecream sales. It's created demand that we'd typically be carrying into January and February," he said.

He emphasised there would not be a complete icecream shortage but conceded there may be times people could not get the icecream or iceblock they wanted.

Tip Top were bringing in extra staff, working extra shifts and also sourcing more from their licensed third-party suppliers, he said.