The results of the first political poll since the September election have been published.

Labour is up 2 per cent on its election result at 39 per cent, according to TVNZ's first Colmar Brunton poll since the Labour-led coalition came into power six weeks ago.

Coalition partner NZ First was down on its election result of 7.2 per cent to 5 per cent.

But the Opposition is still the highest-ranking party - up 2 per cent on its election result at 46 per cent.


The Greens are also up, sitting on 7 per cent while The Opportunities Party is down, at 1 per cent. The Maori party is also at 1 per cent.

The shifts have been small though and if converted to seats in the House, there would be no change from National being unable to govern by itself and Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens being able to form a Government, as they did.

The poll was aired this morning on TVNZ's Q + A show and included 1000 eligible voters.

It also showed that Jacinda Ardern remained the most preferred Prime Minister on 37 per cent.

National's Bill English sits on 28 per cent, with Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters on 5 per cent.

The poll also asked respondents if New Zealand was heading in the right or wrong direction: 51 per cent thought it was going in the right direction, 26 per cent thought the wrong directions and 23 per cent did not know.

Ardern told Q +A the Government had three years to earn voteres' support.

"We are making progress but as a Government, as a team, we are committed to earning people's support. We can do that over three years and ultimately people will judge us on what we achieve."


English said a new Government would normally get a bigger bounce.

"I think the Government would have expected that with a lot of favourable publicity from the formation of the Government and the newness of it, that they'd get a bigger bounce in support from the public but I think they have had such a messy start out of not being able to do things they'd do."

Green leader James Shaw said a lot of people were feeling their way into the new Government "and I'm quite happy for us to be judged on our record."

For the first time, the poll included calling people on both mobile phones and landlines.

With a 50/50 split, the change reflects the transformation in how New Zealanders communicate, TVNZ said.

The poll was conducted from November 29 to December 5. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 per cent.

Who's in the lead?

National 46 per cent (44.4)

Labour 39 (36.9)

New Zealand First 5 (7.2)

Green 7 (6.3)

Act 0 (0.5)

Top 1 (2.4)

Maori 1 (1.2)