Welcome to my regular series entitled My Lightbulb Moment. This column highlights a "blinding flash of insight", business, cultural and sports leaders have had in their careers, and how this has changed their lives forever.

It is always fascinating to chart the career and personal growth path of those who succeed in business, sport and life in general.

The common denominator is passion, which keeps them focused during the tough times, when all their competitors fall by the wayside.

Zac de Silva, owner of Business Changing (www.businesschanging.com), was awarded International Coach of the Year in November by the America-based Coaching Institute for his work in business mentoring and coaching.


Before he ventured out on his own to help others reach their dreams, Zac worked for several successful and well-known businesses, including Flight Centre, House of Travel and Barkers Menswear.

Lightbulb Moment - What is your career purpose?

"Several years ago I was faced with a choice of where I should go next in my career," recalls Zac.

Trying to figure out his choices and direction, he chatted with business colleague Penelope Peebles. She challenged Zac by asking "What is it that is going to make you really happy and what is the purpose of your working life?"

"That right there was my lightbulb moment," Zac says. "I worked out my purpose was to help other people get better at what they do. I'd always got great pleasure out of helping others improve and succeed."

Thanks to Penelope's challenge, Zac set up Business Changing which has helped many businesses to succeed, both within New Zealand and internationally.

"Perhaps the best thing I observe is business owners becoming more confident as leaders, overcoming previous doubts and limits they may have had."

Walking the talk, Zac has also changed and evolved his own business so that he has a strong work/life balance, huge variety and fun - "so I never get bored!"

What are you passionate about?

Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life, is true for Zac.

"You don't want to go to the grave with an 'if only' thought. If you love what you do and you're passionate about it, you're always going to be better than the competitor who doesn't truly enjoy what they do," he says.

Rather than looking for a job, look for what you're passionate about, what makes you happy - what your purpose is. Then make it happen.

If you have had a lightbulb moment, please email me.

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