Philosopher-turned-politician Jamie Whyte took over the leadership of the Act Party only in February this year.

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In the third of the Herald's Hot Seat series ahead of the election in September he talks in a wide-ranging interview with NewstalkZB host Rachel Smalley, Herald columnists Toby Manhire and Fran O'Sullivan, and political editor Audrey Young.

What follows is an index of the subjects discussed.
48s More a philosopher than a politician


2m 20s Who he gets his advice from

4m 03s No surprises in next confidence and supply agreement

6m Repealing the Resource Management Act (RMA)

8m 51s Weakening the party through electoral accommodations

10m 14s Ministerial roles can make support partners look like poodles

11m 21s The effect of Christine Rankin in Epsom for the Conservatives

15m 27s Act's donors don't get their way

19m 54s Classical populism and the "Maori privilege" speech

25m Appealing to racists not his fault

27m 06s The "genius" Treaty, whanau ora and Maori friends

33m 47s School zoning in Epsom, education choice and blokes buying cars

42m 13s Cutting tax

44.17 Raising the age of super

45m 46s The cause of the global financial crisis

47m 47s The sale of Lochinver Station to foreign buyers

53m 53s The future of Act

56m 25s Reasons to vote Act

*The Jamie Whyte interview took place on August 8, 2014.