A Waipu woman wants to make New Zealand the kindest nation in the world - and she's doing it with balls.

Philippa Ross has launched a campaign to encourage daily acts of kindness and gratitude called Bounce It Forward, using small, colourful bouncy balls to get the message across.

"Bounce it Forward is the start of what I hope will become a global movement," Ms Ross said.

"It's based on the same philosophy as the Pay it Forward movie. Bounce it Forward will encourage people to become consciously aware of the effect their words and actions have on one another.


"It's a kindness and gratitude initiative."

With support of two Bream Bay businesses, Northpine in Waipu and Point Timber in Ruakaka, Ms Ross bought 2500 smiley-faced bouncy balls to get the campaign rolling.

At that start of this term about 1500 students from Waipu, Ruakaka and One Tree Point Primary Schools, and Bream Bay College, received one of these balls, and the message to practice kindness every day.

"The look on the primary school kids faces[when they received their balls was priceless," Ms Ross said.

The remaining 1000 balls are available to buy in Waipu for $2 each, so the money can be reinvested to buy more balls and expand the campaign throughout New Zealand.

"My big goal is that New Zealand is the kindest nation in the world," Ms Ross said.

"Rather than having a Random Acts of Kindness Day each year, we'd like New Zealand to lead the way- to become the most caring, compassionate country in the world. A country that acts with kindness every day, boosting confidence, resilience, a sense of self and a sense of place in the community.

"The ultimate aim is to create a global society of compassionate people who consciously make an effort to spread kindness, making a difference to people's lives and putting a whopping great smile on their faces.


"It could be as simple as a smile, opening a door, listening. It's all about supporting one another on the roller coaster of life so we're more able to bounce back from the curveballs that knock us down."

But, Ms Ross said kindness starts at home. "That's why I've started in Bream Bay.

"You don't realise the difference you're making to someone's life just by being kind."

The idea of the balls stems from a self-help book written by Ms Ross called Life's a load of balls.

Search "Bounce it Forward" on Facebook for details.