A District Court judge is being prosecuted over a dog attack and will appear in court next month.

Judge Mary Beth Sharp's lawyer Michael Reed QC told APNZ that his client and her son were both being prosecuted for the alleged incident.

He said the dog belongs to the judge's son.

Mr Reed said there was only one alleged incident, and Judge Sharp would continue to act in her role.


"The prosecution will be strenuously defended."

Mr Reed's comments came after enquiries were made by the Herald on Sunday.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman told the newspaper that the allegation related to the judge's private life and did not affect her judicial role.

"They are private citizens, it doesn't involve what they do in court. The chief judge is not going to comment on this."

Judge Sharp currently presides at the Auckland District Court.

Last week she sentenced two men on charges of recklessly firing a gun and four counts each of wilfully ill-treating an animal.

Tony Campbell and Russell Mendoza were convicted after going on to their neighbour's property in rural Wellsford and shooting 33 dogs and puppies.

They received sentences of six months' home detention and six months' community detention respectively.


Judge Sharp also ordered them to pay $4775 reparation each to the SPCA for the investigation and to carry out 300 hours' community work - preferably at the SPCA.