The Herald's resident fashion experts, Viva editor Fiona Hawtin and fashion writer Cathrin Schaer separate the fashionable from the frumps on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. For full fashion photo gallery Photo GalleryClick here For the latest fashion commentary Click here
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren: We're a bit under-awed in what Helen's wearing. She looks like she's going for a romp in the English countryside. Helen's dress is only missing a crook and a flower trimmed hat a la Bo Peep. She usually looks so sophisticated as well.
Rinko Kikuchi
Rinko Kikuchi: She's channelling Jayne Mansfield with an hourglass look. She hasn't got much of an hourglass, but still looks amazing.
Beyonce: She looks like she's dressed as a creature from the sea. The dress has a retro look but it doesn't reflect a particular period. Beyonce can carry off a stronger colour than that. That dress also looks really uncomfortable.
Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel: Jessica needs a bra and a decent hairdresser. She's got a hot body but she's wearing the wrong outfit. Jessica Biel, why is a young woman wearing Oscar de la Renta?
John Travolta and Kelly Preston
Kelly Preston: Kelly Preston: Animal print Dolce & Gabbana - just hideous! Kelly needs to go back to the seventies at once. She looks like she should be in one of her husband's [John Travolta] old movies. There are shades of Jacky Collins in that too.
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz: We're divided on Rachel. Fiona likes it. For earlier red carpet arrival commentary Click here

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