Key Points:

The Malaysian Foreign Minister warned other governments not to meddle in his country's affairs after ethnic Indian activists wrote to Britain urging UN action over what they alleged was ethnic cleansing in Malaysia.

Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar said Malaysia's Government was able to resolve any woes of members of the ethnic Indian minority, and urged them to refer any complaints to the Government rather than foreign countries.

"If there is anything that we are dissatisfied with, there are avenues within our system to deal with it. Malaysians don't want foreign interference," he said.

Ethnic Indian activists, who say they suffer discrimination because of an affirmative action policy that favours members of the Malay Muslim majority, cited the demolition of dozens of Hindu temples as evidence of "ethnic cleansing" in two letters sent to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown last month.

They said the moves were an attempt to drive out the ethnic Indian minority. The activists, from the Hindu Rights Action Force, urged Britain to spearhead UN action against Malaysia.

- AP