Key Points:

The limited shady spots under the trees outside Mt Smart stadium have been snapped up by exhausted Big Day Out fans.

Rich Gould, who drove up from Wellington for the event, is taking some time out between acts.

Mr Gould said he had been at the stadium since the gates opened.

"Inside the boiler room it's raining, it's like a cattle truck in there."

He said this year's line-up was decent.

"Rage has made the comeback so that's pretty solid."

Mr Gould said Shihad would be a highlight and Arcade Fire would also be well worth seeing.

Michael Stocker came to see Rage Against the Machine.

He said there was not enough shade, but apart from that the day had been good.

This is Mr Stocker's first Big Day Out experience and many of the bands he hadn't heard of.

"I downloaded samples off the net to see what they sounded like," he said.

Gerry Smith said she was angry because her mobile coverage was dropping in and out.

"I'm looking for my little sister and this is her first time here."

She said the line-up this year was alright but the addition of some international drum and bass acts would have been good.