Key Points:

SkyCity Cinemas at Westfield Albany is progressively re-opening and this weekend will offer patrons cheap tickets to compensate for it being shut by safety problems.

Joanna Bleasdale, SkyCity's corporate communications manager, said people would get $10 tickets at the North Shore multiplex on Saturday and Sunday as a gesture of goodwill.

Problems affecting the ceiling of one cinema were not widespread, she said. They were confined to one area of the complex.

More than a month ago, SkyCity shut cinema seven after problems with the ceiling. It then began a probe into the cause of the issues, which included weathertightness.

Then on July 3, the cinema operator shut all 10 screens at its 1800-seat multiplex, saying it was investigating a number of issues.

SkyCity's marketing manager, Lisa Chambers, said last week that about 10 factors contributed to the problems.

Ms Bleasdale said the theatres were shut for reasons of patron safety.

"The reason for the recent closure was that a ceiling failure occurred in one of the cinemas which needed to be investigated and at the time raised questions regarding other ceilings in the cinema complex.

"In the interest of customer safety, all cinemas were closed until the problem with the failed ceiling was fully investigated.

"Those investigations have found that the failure of the ceiling was due to a specific combination of circumstances relating to that cinema which are not replicated in the other cinemas.

"SkyCity Cinemas takes a conservative approach at all times and until the investigations had been completed and matters clarified, the complex remained closed."