Key Points:

A jury will today visit the holding cell where a man was allegedly assaulted by four police officers.

Sergeants Keith Parsons and Erle Busby, Senior Constable Bruce Laing, and Constable John Mills are on trial for allegedly assaulting Rawiri Falwasser with batons and pepper spray at Whakatane police station.

Yesterday, the jury watched a video of the alleged assault captured on a surveillance camera.

The footage showed Mr Falwasser being hit over the head with a baton and repeatedly pepper-sprayed.

He was first sprayed in the face through the open cell door by one officer and then hit with a baton by another.

The 20-year-old was locked in the cell after he attempted to fend off several officers and was sprayed with pepper spray through vents by the cell floor and ceiling.

Police squirted the spray through the vents sporadically over a period of more than 20 minutes, and the video showed Mr Falwasser lying on the ground at one point in an attempt to breathe through the lower vent.

He also tried to stop the pepper spray getting into the cell by stuffing his sweatshirt in the vent.

The video showed uniformed officers coming and going from the processing area outside the cell. At times, there were up to seven officers in the area.

Blood was visible on the cell floor and Mr Falwasser's hands.

Much of the footage showed him pacing back and forth, and holding his head in his hands, as others outside attempted to speak with him.

One of those was a female doctor and another was a man who was later let into the cell with Mr Falwasser.

The 20-year-old had been arrested for stealing a car and refused to sign documents or be fingerprinted and photographed before the alleged assault. He had never been in trouble with police and, according to the Crown, was suffering a psychotic episode when he was taken into custody on October 23, 2006.

The jury hearing the case at the Tauranga District Court will this morning travel to Whakatane to view the perspex cell where Mr Falwasser was held for about eight hours.

They must decide whether the officers used excessive force, as the Crown alleges, or whether their actions constituted reasonable force, which by law police are allowed to use.

The trial began on Monday and is expected to last three weeks.