Key Points:

Partying Iraqis at a major Auckland function centre got more than they bargained when their venue started to shake.

The party on the fourth storey of the Alexandra Park function centre, which about 500 people attended, was closed about 1am yesterday after the dance floor started vibrating and ceiling tiles began moving.

Auckland Trotting Club chief executive Graeme Running, whose club runs Alexandra Park, said the problems were first noticed around 11pm when partygoers started dancing.

"There was a visiting Iraqi pop star visiting from Canada and a lot of people were dancing while the band was playing," Mr Running said.

"It seems like everyone was jumping up and down together to the beat when they were dancing, which caused the building to move."

Security staff tried to move people off the dance floor but many wanted to return to be nearer the band, Mr Running said.

He said this was the first time any trouble with the building along these lines had been noticed. "We've had several big dance parties here before but we've never encountered this."

Mr Running said the building was designed to move a bit when put under stress, but not as much as it apparently did.

"We're getting it looked over properly tomorrow. It's not a big deal now, but it could be once we look at it."