Key Points:

The four main fuel companies have raised their petrol prices by three cents and diesel by four cents a litre.

Shell raised its prices at midday today, BP and Mobil went up yesterday while Chevron - who market Caltex - went up this morning.

Minor player Gull is holding out and spokesman David Bodger said the price would not be going up today.

Automobile Association spokesman Mark Stockdale said the price increases reflected the international prices and were partly due to the American hurricane season.

"But motorists will be disappointed after a reasonably stable period," Mr Stockdale said.

He said prices last went up about a fortnight ago, because of the New Zealand dollar.

"The oil companies' profit margin is about right but no one likes oil prices going up. We hope oil companies will be able to hold this price," Mr Stockdale said.

He said it was encouraging to see one company holding out and he encouraged motorists to shop around.

Shell's media spokeswoman Jackie Maitland said Shell was the last to move.

"We haven't lead the price rise. We hold out as long as we can," she said.

Mobil's media spokesman Alan Bailey said the company raised its prices yesterday afternoon.

"I don't know the level but I think we'll be matching the competition," Mr Bailey said.

BP spokeswoman Diana Stretch said the cost of oil on the international market forced BP to raise it's prices.

Fuel prices in cents.
91: 159.9
"Premium": 164.9
Diesel: 109.9

91: 159.9
95: 164.9
Diesel: 109.9

91: 159.9
99: 164.9
Diesel: 109.9

91: 159.9
"Synergy 8000": 170.9
Diesel: 109.9

91: 152.9*
95: 157.9*
Diesel: 105.9*

*prices may differ around the country.