Lawyer Rob Moodie turned heads at the High Court in Wellington yesterday when he arrived dressed in a skirt and asked to be called Ms Alice.

He wore a navy blue two-piece suit, with ankle-length skirt, patterned blouse and a diamond-studded brooch. Lace-gartered stockings covered his legs. He carried a handbag.

Dr Moodie, who wore Kaftans when he was Police Association secretary, said his frustration at the judiciary's handling of the Berryman bridge case had prompted his decision to resume wearing women's clothing.

The case had caused him "to reflect on what it means to be a male in this country. I've decided I don't actually want to be part of that ethos", he told the Dominion Post.

He said that even though he had fathered three children he had an innate understanding of the female sex and would now be expressing it through his dress.

Dr Moodie is lawyer for Keith and Margaret Berryman, who are trying to clear their name after an army-built bridge collapsed on their King Country property, killing a beekeeper.


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