National says the way the State Services Commission is dealing with an inquiry into the leaking of a document to Telecom suggests the culprit comes from a minister's office.

The commission said on Friday "employment action" against the person responsible had begun and the Herald understands they have been suspended.

Commissioner Mark Prebble also said a report on the inquiry would be released this week.

A spokeswoman yesterday did not rule out a release as early as today, but said it was "most unlikely".

Asked to confirm the leak had not come from the Beehive, she said "We are not at the stage of confirming which agency is involved".

The use of the word "agency" did not mean to suggest the leak had come from a Government department rather than from within the Beehive, she said when queried.

National deputy leader Gerry Brownlee said: "My own view is that it's strongly pointing to a minister's office. The way in which we've had the comments from [the commission], this bizarre idea that it's simply an employment issue looks like a big effort to minimise the problem.

"I think had it been a Government department the commissioner would have been able to say, 'Well, look, the leak was sourced to the Treasury, or the Ministry of Economic Development', rather than simply saying it would be dealt with next week."

If Dr Prebble could have ruled out a minister's office he would have, he said.