The loss of her son when he was stabbed through the chest was a defining moment for Lynda Timmer-Arends.

She started a grief group for parents who had lost children and eventually spoke with Kathryn Mark.

The two women opened up the group to anyone in the community who wanted support to deal with grief.

Mark said despite Timmer-Arends' own tragedy, she is deeply empathetic and cares for others going through grief.


"Some people come for a short time that gives them a boost," says Mark.

"We have watched relationships back over the years when they have supported each other."

Friendships have grown through the group.

"We are not experts. We are a group offering support and the group gives people the tools to cope better."

Mark says the group is non-judgmental and confidentiality is upheld.

"We also have speakers, and bereavement counsellor Hazel Neser will be speaking at our August 13 group."

+ Grief Support Group, August 13, 5pm-8pm; IC Mark Funeral Directors, 547 Queen St, East, Levin. For more information, Kathryn Mark 3688108.