A Koputaroa dog went missing between on Monday afternoon and hasn't been seen since.

Grace Nokes said her family adopted Possum from the SPCA as a young dog and she had become a loved part of the family.

"We've searched high and low. We have no leads...we just don't know. It just doesn't seem right," she said.

"It's very worrying."


At night Possum would often sleep on the bed with her seven-year-old daughter Eva-Jade.

One scenario was that Possum may have been found and picked up by someone who wanted to take her home, and was alive and well.

She also feared that a farmer may have shot Possum if she had wandered onto a property and killed stock.

"I totally understand the laws around that...we would just like to know either way," she said.

Possum was microchipped.