A promising Horowhenua horse rider has an anxious wait to see if she is picked for the 2019 Inter-Pacific Exchange in Hong Kong.

Out of nine riders, Megan Davies, 17, was one of two chosen to be put forward for national selection, for the NZPCA Inter-Pacific exchange.

"I think this is a great opportunity to be an ambassador for not only New Zealand but also New Zealand Pony Club and be a role model for the younger generation to enable them to see what can be achieved through pony club and the sport of equestrian," she said.

The Inter-Pacific Exchange consists of five countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canda, Hong Kong and the United States.


For 14 days, 20 riders sightsee and compete in the Kangaroo Cup Dressage Competition and the Nations Cup Show Jumping Competition. In 2019 the competition will be held in Hong Kong.

On Tuesday, December 4 Megan completed the Districts Selection at Nga Tawa.

As part of this, she had to be interviewed about her thoughts on pony club, why she wanted to go to Hong Kong and why she thought she was a good candidate. She also had to participate in a ridden assessment.

This consisted of videoing her warm her horse up, jumping a show jumping round and riding someone else's horse.

Riding a different horse was good practice for Davies, as if she does get to Hong Kong her regular horse Prince of Pop would not be going.

Each of the 26 riders in the National Selection then had to fill out a form about their sporting and academic achievements and about their life in pony club.

To trial for the Inter-pacific exchange, you must be at least 17 and have your B-certificate, a high-level pony club achievement.

*Lexi Rutherford was on work experience with the Horowhenua Chronicle.