With New Zealand's peak property season now in full swing, we have decided to make it easier for Herald Homes readers to find out more about the country's best-looking properties.

Our feature stories will now carry QR codes, which will seamlessly take readers to more pictures, more insights and more information on OneRoof.co.nz.

From now on, you can simply hover your smartphone over the QR code displayed prominently on one of the editorial pages, and you'll be taken to the full listing on OneRoof.co.nz.



OneRoof.co.nz editor Owen Vaughan said: "Herald Homes now includes QR codes, automatically linking feature properties to their corresponding listing on OneRoof.co.nz, making it even easier for property hunters to find their next home.

"Rather than typing in an address or a cumbersome web link, your smartphone will take you straight to the listing on OneRoof.co.nz. You'll be able to see all the information you need to know about that particular home: from pictures, videos, floorplans and contact details to the unique digital tools and insights OneRoof.co.nz offers that will allow you to make smarter decisions in the housing market."

To read the QR code, iPhone users should open their camera and hover it over the code, which will displayed prominently on the page. The camera will instantly recognise the code and direct the user to the relevant listing on OneRoof.co.nz.

Phones operating with Android first need to download the QR code reader from the Google Play Store. Open the reader and hover over the QR code to get to the OneRoof.co.nz listing.

Vaughan said: "QR codes have been around for some time, but it's only recently that smartphone technology and smartphone usage have allowed us to fully realise their potential. With readership to Herald Homes magazine hitting new heights, this feature is an important step for us.

"The houses and apartments Herald Homes showcases are some of the best New Zealand has to offer — and the stories behind those homes, told by those who know them best — the vendors — have been delighting readers for more than a decade. We don't want readers' interest to stop at the printed page.

"If the house they see in Herald Homes is their dream home, the information on OneRoof.co.nz could help their dream become a reality."

Launched in March, OneRoof.co.nz is an innovative property portal and has the latest listings from NZ's biggest real estate agencies.