For Huntly resident Sharon Cocup the Community Health Shuttle is a vital door-to-door delivery service taking people from North Waikato to medical appointments in Hamilton.

"They're always on time," Cocup said. "They're a caring bunch of people too. I'd be lost without them. I wouldn't be able to get to my appointment because I don't drive."

Behind the wheel is 75-year-old Colin Crabb with his young navigator Robin Kumeroa, 68, riding shotgun.

"We're both volunteers," Crabb said. "We are rostered on once every fortnight to be available the whole day. Normally we have three or four clients, or patients, to bring through to the hospital."


For Kumeroa there's a special reason for giving back.

"I'm doing it because my wife used to work here," he said. "I lost her through cancer, now I'm helping other people because of her."

The shuttle service started in 2015 and has since grown to two vehicles making more than 1200 trips a year, but it's all made possible through fundraising,

One of the shuttle's biggest supporters is Jean Beverland who organises the annual Huntly Fashion Parade. This year it has a wintry theme - Never Frozen Again.

"We're at 'Mt Huntly ski-field and lodge'," Beverland joked. "So we have to be warm and we need our furs. There will be lots of snowy things and we've got a walking snowman."

All the fashion is donated by the local op shop, with everything back on sale after the show, with any profits from sales going back to St Johns Opportunity Shop.

For the last six months, Beverland has been preparing for the big night on Friday June 15.

"It's a big job, incredibly big job, to be quite honest, just getting the clothes so they look good when they come out," Beverland said.


In keeping with the Huntly community feel, all the models are local too.

"Jean goes around Huntly getting all of the models," op shop Manager Sherrie Kelley said.

"She's just hunting out people all over, so if you ever show your face when she needs a model, watch out because you'll be in the parade!"

It's a huge event with a live band, 40 models and more than 150 outfits in this years show. And it's all for a good cause - Huntly.

"It's a really good community," Beverland laughed. "They're amazing. They come out in outfits they would never ever wear in a million years."

The winter-themed fashion show will be held at the Lakeside Christian Centre, with tickets available at St Johns Opportunity Shop.

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